Abseiling near Wookey Hole
Abseiling activities in Bristol


Abseiling (or rappelling if you're American) is the controlled descent down a rope. Commonly used in mountaineering, rock climbing, canyoning and caving it is also a thrilling activity in it's own right making it an ideal fundraising event for charities.

Abseiling is great fun and a rewarding challenge. The hardest part is the first step over the edge but once at the bottom you will feel a glow of accomplishment and exhileration. Your instructor will give you the confidence to take that first step and overcome the natural fear of heights.

Almost any high location can be used for an abseil, for example, cliffs, buildings, bridges, waterfalls, dams, trees, hot air balloons, helicopters etc. Obviously some of these are more practical than others. Most of our abseil sessions run in Avon Gorge (Bristol) or Uphill Quarry (Weston-super-Mare) but if you have another venue in mind such as buildings for charity events then contact us for details.